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  • New Student Dialog
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  • Enrollment

    New Student Dialog

    Communicate with prospective students using the medium they prefer - text. Manage multiple 1-to-1 conversations and increase productivity of enrollment managers.

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  • Retention

    Retention Dialog

    Improve retention of existing students. Send reminders of mod start dates, enrollment form due dates, etc.

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  • On Campus

    Campus Dialog

    Keep students up-to-date with real time notifications. From emergency alerts to game time updates, students will be in the know.

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  • Career

    Career Dialog

    Notify students of job fair information, recruiting info, guest speakers, and internship opportunities. Bridge the graduation/alumni gap.

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  • Alumni

    Alumni Dialog

    Never lose track of the ability to communicate with alumni. Standard EDU email addresses become secondary or forgotten after graduation. But mobile numbers rarely change. SMS communications provide continuity. Alumni Dialog helps build a sense of connection and community.

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Use Case: New Student Dialog
  • Administrative controls can be accessed from any desktop computer.
  • All SMS conversations are tracked and integrated in your CRM, improving call center management and oversight.
  • If a rep leaves your organization, all SMS conversations remain in the system; ensuring continuity.
  • Using the TrueDialog app, Reps can easily track and manage prospective students from their cell phones.
  • Enrollment Reps can conduct multiple text conversations at once. (Instead of  one phone call at a time.)
    • Click-to-Call feature provides a seamless user experience.
    • Each Rep gets their own number
  • Monitor communications on an ongoing basis:
    • Increase speed of response
    • Monitor language used
    • Improve overall quality of service


Use Case: Retention Dialog

Enrollment – On-boarding

  • SMS campaigns can be automated; providing reminders to prospective students and increasing registration conversion
    • Documentation: “Reminder: Your transcripts are due 8/15.”
    • Financial AID: “Don’t forget, application are due by 8/15.”
    • Collections: “To complete the registration, payments must be processed by 8/15.”

On Campus

Use Case: Campus Dialog

Real-time Communications

  • Send SMS alerts and notifications from 1-to-1000s and continue the conversation 1-to-1.
    • Urgent Alerts and Weather Hazards. Unlike other SMS solutions, with TrueDialog to you can send mass Alert Notifications and continue the dialog, one-to-one, when students reply to your broadcast.
    • Event Notifications: Boost attendance at future events or create awareness of last minute activities
    • Student Life: Create awareness of volunteer activities, student elections, new clubs


Use Case: Career Dialog

From College to Career

  • Help students search, engage and find the ideal deal job
    • Reminders about job fairs, internship opportunities, and meet-ups.
    • Segment students by career type and geography and notify them of specific, relevant job openings.
    • Invite students to special alumni events and speaking engagements


Use Case: Alumni Dialog

Engage Alumni From Stage to Stage

  • Keeping track of alumni is an on-going challenge.
    • .edu email addresses are abandoned
    • New graduates frequently move
  • Mobile numbers are constant. Text/SMS provides continuity.
  • With SMS you can continually engage in two-way conversations with alumni in ways that email and newsletters can’t.
  • Ideal tool for event reminders, surveys, reunions and fund raising efforts.
TrueDialog SMS: No programming. No Hassles.

TrueDialog can have you up and running in as little as 24 hours. 
Our solution is turnkey and built for higher ed.

TrueDialog’s message wizard allows users to easily setup, text, and edit campaigns in 3 easy steps.

Target your audience with ease using our segmentation application. Select which users receive each message based on campaign activity and customer demographics.

Once you campaign is deployed, TrueDialog measures results almost instantly. You can track clicks, delivery to the handset, and creative performance over time.

Once you have reviewed the results of your campaign, our application allows you to easily optimize new campaigns based on which audience and creative performed the best.

Have Questions About Data Integration? Look No Further.
TrueDialog's cloud based platform has an API first approach which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate higher ed technology providers like Ellucian and CampusManagement.  We also integrate with leading CRM and Marketing Automation platforms like Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot and Marketo.

Our RESTful API is the newest and best in the business. We have already built more of what you need, so if you want to save time and move fast, look no further.

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